2018 Season about to start

Good Evening followers. We are hoping everything will be ready for display this weekend. We are putting the final touches on some prop soldering, programming, and electrical runs. We encountered some issues that have delayed us some, but things are back on track. If you didn’t know, please follow and like our Facebook Page please. We typically have our phones with us and it’s easy to update some quick status messages that way.

This year has really had some cool changes added to it. I don’t think anything will be as cool as our “Mega Pixel Tree”, but we think this years additions will also be amazing.

Lets not forget the reason for the season and thank God that we are fortunate enough to spend this time with our loved ones.

Check back on Friday Night to see if we finished everything in time and we will update everyone to the first “official” night.

Merry Christmas – All things though Christ.