2017 Show Season

I’m sorry I’ve been long in writing this. This year has thrown us a few curve balls for sure. First, thank you for coming back and continuing to support our show. We love getting letters and emails about the show. I didn’t realize how (in-)famous we are around here until a recent cub scout camp out when most people (who I’d never met) knew me by light show. It feels good to do something fun and great for the kids and community. On with the show:

Show Times: December

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 9pm

Friday – Sunday: 5pm – 10pm

We also have a few important things I’d like to mention to those who will take the time to read this site. Please cherish and spend time with those you love. Remember the real reason for the holiday and what all that means. Take the time to talk with your family about it. GIVE something to a stranger this year. This can be an invitation to lunch, a present, money, friendship, or an invitation to church.

Finally, I have some friends who have caught the “bug” so to speak. I have 2 neighbors in this development who are also running light shows this year. The Fay family across the street at 7662 Natalie Commons, and the Bargar family at 7829 East Berkley Rd. Stop by their shows and let them know how awesome they did. It’s both of their 1st year, and they’re doing great!
If you’re looking to drive around and see other shows, here are some more of my friends running shows.

Bargar Family Lights
7829 East Berkley Rd. Denver, NC 28037

Fay Family Lights
7662 Natalie Commons Dr. Denver, NC 28037

Raz and Dawn Razmussen
315 Ramano Dr Denver, NC 28080

Garden Oak Holiday Lights
4026 Garden Oak Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Five Alarm Lights
1001 Rosewater Lane, Indian trail, NC 28079

Fountainbrook Fallatts
1028 Fountainbrook Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Fallatt’s Charlotte Christmas
3801 Maple Forest Ct. Charlotte, NC 28270

A Sweitzers Christmas
1001 Sunnyview Circle Matthews NC 28105

Zimnowski Light Show
15419 Hugh McAuley Road, Huntersville, NC 28078