Lights are almost all up

We’ve spent the past two weekends around here putting up lights. This is usually a 3 day project, but we’ve added a new special treat this year that has added another half day to the schedule. You will see it soon enough, and I know everyone will love it.

Additionally, I’ve gotten tired of spending hundreds of dollars on big extension cords, so after some research I’ve purchased a spool of SPT2 wire. This wire will handle 10 amps each, and as long as I’m not doing huge strands of incandescent, everything will work fine. It has become apparent how important switching to an all LED show will become in the future. I’ve also ordered another controller bringing my total up to 48 channels. I hope to add another one next year for a total of 64 channels.

I’m currently on the hunt for some red, green, and blue LED rope lights. I’ve had no luck finding any yet. If you find some locally let me know.

We plan on lighting the show the day after Thanksgiving as usual. Crunch time! Only a few more weeks till Christmas.