Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and I’m LATE programming this years song. I have to say, if I get this one done in time it’s going to be awesome! I hope to add at least 2-4 songs this year, and if I do I’ll probably alternate songs by the day. The show is getting kind of large, and you can now sit for more than 20 minutes watching the songs. If I rotate days, I can keep the shows to 10 minutes which should keep the cars moving.

I’m also considering installing a donation box this year to support the research and treatment of brain cancer. Specifically, the brain cancer that took my 38 year old cousin from this world in 2011. We miss him greatly, and he never got to see these lights in person (only on video). I have a few logistical items to work out, but I hope to get this accomplished soon.

See everyone sooner than you think!