2020 Show Info

Merry Christmas Everyone. We are excited and ready to share our 2020 show with you all. We have some quick rules to cover before we give everyone the details.


  1. Do not block anyone’s driveway
  2. Do not park on anyone’s grass
  3. Do not blast the music loud in your car so that everyone hears it
  4. Turn around using the cul-de-sac’s and do not use neighbors driveways
  5. Turn off your headlights and using parking lights
  6. Be respectful of other viewers and the neighborhood. Be a good citizen.

We are thrilled to invite you over to see the 2020 light show. We know Covid-19 has really left a lot of people depressed, hurting, and looking for a family friendly outlet to enjoy. We hope this helps with some of those issues and brings some joy into your world. Remember the true reason for the season and use this opportunity to talk about God with your family. God has provided us with many blessings over the years, and we hope that this display of faith can connect today’s digital family back to what’s important – Faith.

Stay healthy, stay positive and feel free to drop us a note on Facebook or the mailbox.

Much Love – The Colemans

1212 Misty Creek Dr. Iron Station, NC 28080

Covid-19 and the Importance of the Message

Recently a church contacted me asking if I was using my FM transmitter that I use for my light show. They wanted to borrow the unit to broadcast their services in the parking lot to their patrons. I couldn’t think of a better use of my transmitter than that! I am so pleased they contacted me. I gave them the transmitter with a quick rundown of instructions and caveats (since it’s so low powered), and they held their Easter service using it. I am told it went great and they will continue to use it until later in the year when hopefully everything gets back to normal. It’s important to get God’s word out to people especially in times like this where there is much chaos, uncertainty, and panic. I believe God put this opportunity infront of us and I’m glad we were able to rise to the occassion.

The church sent my family this note which just made my week.

2019 – No Show this year

Unfortunately we have some sad news. We are just getting settled at our new place and our old frames and props don’t fit the new location. This means I’ll have to rebuild from the ground up and we won’t have a show this year. I’ll try to make up to everyone next year. Happy holidays and stop by and see Bargar Family Lights on East Berkeley Rd near our old place. Also check out the Fay family directly across from the old location.

2018 Season about to start

Good Evening followers. We are hoping everything will be ready for display this weekend. We are putting the final touches on some prop soldering, programming, and electrical runs. We encountered some issues that have delayed us some, but things are back on track. If you didn’t know, please follow and like our Facebook Page please. We typically have our phones with us and it’s easy to update some quick status messages that way.

This year has really had some cool changes added to it. I don’t think anything will be as cool as our “Mega Pixel Tree”, but we think this years additions will also be amazing.

Lets not forget the reason for the season and thank God that we are fortunate enough to spend this time with our loved ones.

Check back on Friday Night to see if we finished everything in time and we will update everyone to the first “official” night.

Merry Christmas – All things though Christ.

2018 Show Info

This year will be our 10th year of doing light shows. As always I am pressed for time in constructing new props as well as programming. We have some cool new features this year that I hope everyone likes. I will update everyone soon on the show times and songs as we get closer. Thanks.

2018 Season in the Works

2018 marks 10 years of our little Christmas light show. What do we have in store? More LED’s that’s for sure. I’m not 100% convinced on a final design, but I am planning several new additions. Thank you everyone who came out in 2017 to show your support and love of the season. Thank you for being respectful to our neighbors. You’ll definitly enjoy 2018 because another neighbor has caught the bug. You’ll be able to enjoy 2 shows 1 street apart. If you have any song suggestions or show suggestions please reach out to us.

2017 Show Season

I’m sorry I’ve been long in writing this. This year has thrown us a few curve balls for sure. First, thank you for coming back and continuing to support our show. We love getting letters and emails about the show. I didn’t realize how (in-)famous we are around here until a recent cub scout camp out when most people (who I’d never met) knew me by light show. It feels good to do something fun and great for the kids and community. On with the show:

Show Times: December

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 9pm

Friday – Sunday: 5pm – 10pm

We also have a few important things I’d like to mention to those who will take the time to read this site. Please cherish and spend time with those you love. Remember the real reason for the holiday and what all that means. Take the time to talk with your family about it. GIVE something to a stranger this year. This can be an invitation to lunch, a present, money, friendship, or an invitation to church.

Finally, I have some friends who have caught the “bug” so to speak. I have 2 neighbors in this development who are also running light shows this year. The Fay family across the street at 7662 Natalie Commons, and the Bargar family at 7829 East Berkley Rd. Stop by their shows and let them know how awesome they did. It’s both of their 1st year, and they’re doing great!
If you’re looking to drive around and see other shows, here are some more of my friends running shows.

Bargar Family Lights
7829 East Berkley Rd. Denver, NC 28037

Fay Family Lights
7662 Natalie Commons Dr. Denver, NC 28037

Raz and Dawn Razmussen
315 Ramano Dr Denver, NC 28080

Garden Oak Holiday Lights
4026 Garden Oak Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Five Alarm Lights
1001 Rosewater Lane, Indian trail, NC 28079

Fountainbrook Fallatts
1028 Fountainbrook Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Fallatt’s Charlotte Christmas
3801 Maple Forest Ct. Charlotte, NC 28270

A Sweitzers Christmas
1001 Sunnyview Circle Matthews NC 28105

Zimnowski Light Show
15419 Hugh McAuley Road, Huntersville, NC 28078

2016 Season Close

All good things come to and end. I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made this another wonderful display season. In particular I’d like to point out two famlies in particular. I received these cards in my mailbox


These kind responses to our display really makes our day. We love these so much and I want to thank the families that sent them. Thanks for understanding how much work and time goes into this for everyone to enjoy.  I REALLY love getting these!

Lets remember the real reason of the season and thank the Lord for all that he has provided us all. We look forward to what 2017 will bring us. Merry Christmas all.